Looking for exciting things to do on your Gold Coast family holiday? Then head to Australia's biggest theme park. Dreamworld has prepared some exciting attractions for everyone this season. Make sure you don't miss the Zombie Evilution and The Fire Machine spectacular experience.

The Zombie Evilution was introduced at Dreamworld's Screamworld this year. The popular walk-through maze is opening its doors once again. If you haven't tried the attraction, now is your chance.

The maze is set in Kevin Hall, a town and secret site of a cryonics chamber. Once you walk into the  deep dark depths of this thrilling maze, do not freak out. Instead, gather your wits and bring out your zombie survival skills. Zombie Evilution is available from 10am to 7pm every day.

After conquering your fears and escaping Kevin Hall, head over to Main Street where incredible entertainment awaits. When the clock strikes 5:10, get ready for Everybody Dance Now, Magic Dancers, Ute and a Few Boot Tappers, Dreamtones, Evolution of Beach Show, Power into the Night, and the spectacular show everyone's looking forward to.

The Fire Machine's incredible pyrotechnics and special effects display lights up the park at 8:30pm. Don't forget to capture the moment as you will surely want to see it over and over again. The creative team behind this amazing experience is Ignatius Jones, one of Australia’s master-storyteller with music by DJ Peewee Ferris and fireworks by Foti International.

The Zombie Evilution and The Fire Machine are only available from December 26 to January 15 so make sure you experience both before they disappear. And to make your trip even more fun, don't forget to explore the rides and other attractions.

For thrill seekers, the park's Big 9 thrill rides won't disappoint. But if you have kids, Dreamworld has several family and kids-friendly rides; not to mention, unique experiences.

  •  The DreamWorks Experience – Explore the land of Shrek, Po, and everyone's favourite zoo animals from Madagascar.
  •  ABC Kids World – Catch Giggle and Hoot, Bananas in Pyjamas, Play School, and The Wiggles at the interactive and colourful world of ABC Kids.
  •  Tiger Island – The park has seven adult cats and five little ones. Enjoy an up close and personal encounter with these adorable tigers when you visit Tiger Island.

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Image Source : The Fire Machine Spectacular

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